Cleaning Procedures

We realize the last thing you want to worry about on your trip is whether the motorcoach is cleaned properly and ready for your trip. We promise to send you a clean coach, and we are happy to tell you about all the extra steps that we are taking to make that happen. We were one of the first motorcoach companies in the country to buy ULV and electro-static fogging equipment so that we can sanitize our fleet of coaches on a regular basis. In fact, we became known for this, and other companies began calling and wanting us to sanitize their vehicles, equipment, offices, and homes. This led us to start a whole new company… one that we call The Virus Buster!

In addition to a team of foggers, our Clean Team has also been specially trained to hit all the high touch points inside of a motorcoach to make sure all surfaces are free of germs. This includes the door handles, arm rests, hand rails, steering wheel, window latches, head rests, and more. The chemicals we use clean 99.9909% of all germs and viruses. They are CDC-approved and hospital strength. Our Clean Team goes through each coach after every trip.

Motorcoach Industries, the manufacturer of many of our coaches, has a list of recommendations, and we also follow each of those. Click here to view their recommendations, and some additional steps that we follow.


We also keep hand sanitizer on each coach for our passengers. And our drivers are trained on how to handle a sickness if it should happen while on a trip. Each driver has a certification from the United Motorcoach Association stating they have been through the AssurClean training program. You can click here to see a copy of the certificate. Our drivers are equipped with gloves, masks, and cleaning items to reduce the threat of exposure to any virus or contaminant.

We strongly encourage our passengers to wear a mask when on the coach. Our drivers will wear a mask while interacting with passengers, but may opt to take the mask off while driving to eliminate any distraction the mask may cause.

If you have any questions about our safety protocols, we encourage you to call our office.

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