Terms and Conditions

  1. Itineraries: Please email a detailed itinerary 14 days prior to departure, including addresses of all locations to be visited. Failure to issue the itinerary two weeks prior to departure may result in cancellation of the trip. This is needed for dispatch and trip preparation. Your driver will follow your itinerary closely, and any deviation from the quoted itinerary may result in additional charges.
  2. Quotes: Quotes are “locked in” after receipt of a signed contract and a non-refundable Booking Fee equal to $200 per coach or 10% of the cost of the quote (whichever is greater).
  3. Cancellation Policy: LRC/CC will retain 10% of the cost of the charter, or $200, whichever is greater, as a fee for booking the service. The remaining 90% may be refunded if the charter is cancelled 30 days prior to departure. If the trip is cancelled fewer than 14 days before the trip, 30% of the contracted amount will be assessed. If the trip is cancelled within 5 days of departure, 50% of the total charter price will be assessed to the chartering party. Deposits are Non-refundable.
  4. Safety: Federal regulations allow drivers to be on duty 15 hours per day, including a maximum of 10 hours driving. Company policy mandates a driver must then have 9 complete hours off duty before returning to duty. Customer also understands that drivers will take periodic driving breaks every 2.5 to 3 hours to counteract the effects of fatigue.
  5. Driver Hotel Room: The chartering party is responsible for providing the driver with a single, non-smoking hotel room on over-night trips. Dorm rooms and cabins are not suitable, and drivers do not share rooms to ensure quality rest.
  6. Tolls/Parking: The chartering party is responsible for tolls, parking, ferry, and entrance fees.
  7. Amenities: LRC/CC luxury motorcoaches are equipped with WiFi, 110 Outlets, DVD player, PA system, restroom, reclining seats, armrests, footrests, individual light and air controls, and air conditioning. Failure of motorcoach amenity equipment, such as DVD player, WIFI, sound system, or public address system shall not be cause for refund. To keep charter rates low, WiFi filters are in place to prohibit video downloads and streaming. WiFi is dependent on cellular data, and may not always be available.
  8. Damage and Indemnity: The chartering party will be liable for any damage to the bus or its contents that is caused by the passengers. Only LRC/CC drivers will be allowed to open and close luggage doors. The motorcoach should be kept neat and clean by the chartering party. The chartering party will be held responsible for cleaning costs deemed by LRC/CC to be in excess of routine cleaning. (IE: liquid spills, soiled or stained seats, vomiting, and/or trash left on the motorcoach.)
  9. Extenuating Circumstances: LRC/CC will not be held liable for damages arising out of inability to perform due to inclement weather, mechanical or electrical component difficulties, delays due to traffic conditions, or any unforeseeable events beyond the control of the coach service. In the event of a breakdown, all efforts will be made to repair the coach as quickly as possible or supply a replacement vehicle. Cancellation fees may be waived in the event of adverse weather conditions if the charter is rescheduled with LRC/CC.
  10. Food and Beverage: Sunflower seeds, Cheetos, Doritos, and popcorn are not allowed on the motorcoach. Other food is permitted. Drinks must have lids. Permission must be given by LRC/CC before alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the coach. Passengers agree not to drive their own personal vehicle after consuming alcohol on the coach. Glass bottles are not allowed. A $250.00 refundable damage and cleaning deposit may be required before permission is granted for alcohol.
  11. Tobacco: Use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and chewing tobacco is strictly prohibited, and is also a violation of Federal Regulations.
  12. Video: DVD players are available on all motorcoaches. Use of them is available at no extra charge. The chartering party must supply their own movies. Only the driver or the group leader may operate the DVD system. Adult content is not permissible.
  13. Fuel Surcharge: The total price of this charter is based on the current market rate of diesel fuel. If the cost of fuel goes above $4.00/gallon, a fuel surcharge may be invoked. Please budget a fuel allowance into the cost of your trip.
  14. Lost Items: LRC/CC is not responsible for items left on the motorcoach.
  15. Driver Gratuity: Driver gratuity is not included in the price and is appreciated for good service.
  16. After-Hours Emergency Phone Number: If an emergency arises, please call 501-650-4624 for the “Manager on Call”.
  17. Credit Card Processing Fee: LRC/CC will add a 3.5% processing fee for all credit card transactions.
  18. Natural Disaster: LRC/CC may cancel and refund charter services to assist in relief efforts in the case of a natural disaster.
  19. Subouts: LRC/CC wants to provide service for every customer. If a mechanical issue or driver availability prevents LRC/CC from being able to do a run, LRC/CC reserves the right to sublet the charter to another qualified coach company to fulfill the reservation.
  20. Coach Idling: Many cities, states, and facilities now have zero-tolerance idling laws. Idling is also destructive to an engine and can cause the vehicle to shut down. Repairs are expensive and time consuming. Please respect your driver when asked to exit the coach.
  21. Unpaved Roads: Motorcoaches are made for interstates. Coaches are too large for residential streets and many urban areas. Unpaved surfaces can be destructive to a coach and must have prior approval.
  22. Loading Luggage/Equipment: Luggage should not exceed 50 pounds. Items in excess of 50 pounds will not be handled by your driver. The handling of scooters, wheelchairs, and other heavy or large equipment must be arranged ahead of time.
  23. Service Animals: Service animals are generally allowed. The service animal should be well-behaved and not disturb other passengers. Documentation or identification of the service animal may be requested.
  24. Concealed Carry Weapons: Customers must declare all weapons with the driver. Weapons and ammunition must be securely packaged, ammo kept separate from the firearm, and transported in the cargo area of the motorcoach only. No weapons are allowed in the passenger area of the motorcoach.
  25. Child Safety Seats: Although not required, a passenger may provide their own child safety seat. If a child is under two years of age, they may sit in a parent or guardian’s lap. Use of seat belts is highly recommended for all passengers.
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